The best learning environment is one where girls are the sole focus of the learning, which allows them to develop their own voices. Girls flourish in learning settings in which they are provided with opportunities to learn using their preferred collaborative learning styles yet where they are also encouraged to develop a broad range of thinking and learning skills and strategies.

We are firmly committed to providing the best possible educational assistance and creative environment. Girls are encouraged to develop a life-long love of learning.

We help them to develop confidence, leadership skills, resilience and self-esteem in an environment which encourages respect for the individual, together with tolerance and understanding of others.

There is no tool for development more effective than the education of girls

Mr. Kofi Annan, The former UN Secretary General


The mission of THE GHANA GIRLS LEARNING HUB is to provide free access to literature, literacy classes, mentoring, leadership training, learning resources and computer training to disenfranchised girls 3-19 years of age within Ghana’s capital of Accra. The centre will also serve as a community space where parents, teachers, mentors and volunteers can create and implement innovative policies and programs affecting positive change for Ghana’s girls and young women.


The Ghana Girls Learning Hub (GGLH) will serve a variety of communal needs, both literary and non-literary related. It is a safe space where girls of all ages will gain access to educational, health and support resources.

Girls will be encouraged to develop leadership and organizational skills in a supportive and stimulating environment in which effort and excellence are recognized and highly valued. The learning hub will focus on the following factors as the primary scope of its work:

Library Facilities

The Ghana Girls Learning Hub (GGLH) library facilities will provide access to hundreds of fiction and non-fiction titles available to girls ages 3 -19 free of charge.

Books are provided by The Revolutionary Underground Foundation and generous donors. Donations of books are solicited from donors from the international community year round.

Girls will be provided with identification cards and ID numbers and must be registered to utilize the library facilities. The library facility will include, THE COZY CORNER, a quiet space where students will have the opportunity to read and study.

Literacy Classes

The Ghana Girls Learning Hub (GGLH) aims to help build solid foundations for later learning. We recognize the importance of the fundamentals of literacy and numeracy skills and free literacy classes will be provided on a daily basis for girls who are unable to read and write as well as girls who need improvement.

Volunteers will teach using a combination of traditional teaching methods as well as non-traditional and computer based learning. Literacy classes will focus on reading comprehension, pronunciation and spelling.

Class schedules will be posted monthly and additionally twice monthly the Learning Hub will provide evening literacy classes to adult women in the community

Skype Distance Learning

Each week The Ghana Girls Learning Hub (GGLH) will host a SKYPE Distance learning class during which teachers from the international community will instruct students in our literacy and computer training classes.

Computer Center

The Ghana Girls Learning Hub (GGLH) will use Information Technology in the Computer Centre for literacy education, computer training and for research purposes. The computer centre will offer daily computer training for girls and young women.

The computer centre will maintain 8-10 modern desktop computers and monitor stations. An additional station will be maintained for the instructor. In the future we hope to offer a cross platform computer education using both Mac and PC platforms. Girls will be provided with free access to computer technology training and internet access. Most of Accra’s girls attending public schools have little to no access to computer technology or internet resources. The center will utilize current learning software and classes will be taught by experienced volunteers. Girls will be able to utilize the facilities computers for homework and research purposes. Twice monthly The Ghana Girls Learning Hub (GGLH) will provide evening computer training to adult women in the community.

Resources For Girls With Special Needs

Every care is taken to ensure that all girls will have the opportunity to equally benefit from The Ghana Girls Learning Hub (GGLH) facilities regardless of physical, mental, or emotional impairment. Audio books and Braille texts will be available for girls with blindness as well as visual resources for the hearing impaired.

Multimedia Library

Audio Books, educational DVD’s and CD’s will be made available.

Free After School Tutoring

One on one, group and exam tutoring sessions will be available to all levels of primary, secondary and senior high school age girls free of charge.

Big Sister Program

Model adolescent girls ages 13-19 that have exemplified leadership skills and a willingness to be positive role models to their community will serve as mentors to younger children through the Big Brother/Big Sister programs

Parent, Teacher, Mentor & Volunteer Meetings

The centre offers the best possible environment for parents, teachers, mentors and other stakeholders to meet and collaborate on youth related communal and individual concerns in a neutral, friendly atmosphere. Parents will be encouraged to attend monthly meetings and be active in the education and literacy of their children.

Students will have the opportunity to speak with and be offered educational and career advice by mentors from the community. Mentors from the fields of Law, Banking, Medicine, Television, IT, Music, Fashion, Education and Aviation will provide career guidance during monthly career and education seminars.

Mentoring is critical to a girl’s long term educational success and access to mentors will be a key component.

Communal Services Preference Library

The Ghana Girls Learning Hub (GGLH) will be the storehouse of up to date information on various services, programs, and opportunities available for girls. Such information will include but is not limited to: Scholarships, Mentors, Work Opportunities, Educational Opportunities, General & Sexual Health Concerns and Volunteer Services.

Counseling & Support Networks

Every girl has the right to grow in a safe and nurturing space. The Ghana Girls Learning Hub (GGLH) will offer guidance, counseling and support to any girl in need upon request. Counseling ranges from general guidance to specific challenges such as behavioral problems, peer pressure, abuse, and teen pregnancy and reproductive education.

We will partner with other local NGO’s to implement programs that provide the most positive impact for girls and young women.

The learning hub intends to be an integral and positive part of the community distributing clothing and food to needy children, hosting art fairs and community festivals and providing a safe and happy place for girls to learn and explore their creativity.

An educated girl is an empowered girl.